Good food means a good time and that is what we would love you to have while visiting this region. We have listed some options that we personally find nice for some reason or another. We have also included the options that are really close to the apartment so that you are served even if you want to spend most of the time in the mountains. 

La Locanda del Minatore

This nice restaurant and bar is right in the village and offers a standard Italian menu. The Pizza here is very good and in quality matches those in Tarviso. The restaurant is unfortunately open only from Mai to late September but in that period it opens quite soon in the morning so you can have your first cup of coffee and croissant right there.

Supermarket with superb Italian food

Fresh vegetables, thinly sliced prosciutto, and many varieties of chees. All you will ever need for your culinary creations. On the second floor of the building, you can find a drugstore and basic utensils for everyday needs. 

Basic living necessities

Basic groceries including vegetables and dairy products plus a small drugstore right in the village. If you are up just for something small, you will get served here. 

Chalet Al Lago

Located right on the shores of the Predil Lake with a terrasse overlooking this beautiful lake and the surrounding mountains. This restaurant serves classical Italian rustic cuisine like pasta, gnocchi and salsiccia. It definitely a place to visit if you are in Cave del Predil. 

Trattoria al Fontanon

Beautiful family-owned restaurant with classical Italian cuisine like pasta, gnocchi, and fish (sourced from a small private lake right next to the restaurant). This restaurant can be combined with a trip to the Fontanone Di Goriuda (description can be found in the Hike section of our page) which starts right next to the restaurant on the other side of the road. Keep in mind that food preparation in this type of restaurant takes some time. Further information here.

Hotel restaurant Haberl

This is a safe pick. Pizzas, risotto, meat, and pasta ... all in a very nice setting for reasonable prices including a terrace. Most of the time booking a table will not be necessary as this hotel has a big restaurant but if there are many people in your group, make sure you book ahead. 

Time out Caffe

Directly on the main square of Tarvisio. This caffe is one of the first to open in Tarvisio (6:30 AM) so if you are an early bird, this is a place for you. This place can serve many tastes as you can have different types of sandwiches here, fresh croissants, or some local drinks like Aperol Spritz. 

Hotel Trieste

One of the best places to get a Neapolitan style Pizza with nice and fluffy dow prepared in a wooden oven. But even if you are not a pizza lover, you won't come out of this restaurant disappointed. This hotel has a nice, big restaurant and usually, you will always find a place here. There is a parking place right behind the hotel. You can always find a place here and it's free.

Pizzeria "da Giannino"

If you prefer thin dow Pizza prepared in a wooden oven, this might be a place for you. Simple, yet nice restaurant with a parking lot right in front of the house. The pizzas here are delicious and that is maybe why it's preferable to book ahead, especially in the summer or winter months. If you would come and the place is full, you can use Restaurant Hotel Trieste which is just a couple meeter further down the road.

Bar Trattoria Miramonti

This small yet nice restaurant serves classical Italian regional cuisine. It has a small menu that is changing on a weekly basis, but the food is always delicious. If you like to try something different, you should visit this place. You will find no pizzas in this restaurant.